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2020 Incidents
Jan 52 6 58
Feb 51 7 58
Mar 68 7 75
Apr 40 6 46
May 39 6 45
Jun 50 7 57
Jul 66 8 74
Aug 70 5 75
Sep 57 3 60
Oct 21 4 25
Total 514 59 573

2019 Incidents
Jan 59 8 67
Feb 63 4 67
Mar 52 6 58
Apr 53 13 66
May 76 10 86
Jun 102 12 114
Jul 57 8 65
Aug 72 12 84
Sep 86 5 91
Oct 95 9 104
Nov 58 13 71
Dec 83 8 91
Total 856 108 964

2018 Incidents
Jan 84 12 96
Feb 52 9 61
Mar 53 4 57
Apr 54 11 65
May 68 6 74
Jun 65 8 73
Jul 63 9 72
Aug 71 4 75
Sep 76 6 82
Oct 66 4 70
Nov 85 12 97
Dec 48 8 57
Total 785 93 879

2017 Incidents
Jan 38
Feb 53
Mar 66
Apr 60
May 60
Jun 81
Jul 74
Aug 71
Sept 66
Oct 79
Nov 60
Dec 76
Total 784

Past Incidents
2016 722
2015 716
2014 686
2013 701
2012 649
2011 586
2010 604
2009 607
2008 639
2007 623
2006 577
2005 547
2004 539
2003 565
2002 571

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History of the CTVFC

1928 Pirsch

In June of 1959, the Cranberry Township Volunteer Fire Company was formed after several years of planning and at least two failed previous attempts. The first ever vehicle purchased was a pumper built in 1928 by Pirsch. This truck would remain in service for many years until 1969. It has now become an extremely valuable historical treasure in Cranberry Township Volunteer Fire Company history. A six-ton army surplus truck was also purchased and put into service as a tanker. Five acres of land were purchased on Dutilh Road as plans for a fire station were created.


During the next few years, the first ever fire station in Cranberry was constructed and later expanded upon to accommodate more vehicles. A social hall was also constructed and dedicated on Memorial Day in 1964. It was the first hall available for weddings and parties in the area.

1965 Brush Truck

In 1960, the first new fire truck, an international Howe 750 gpm pumper, was purchased at a cost of $14,075.


In 1965, the company’s first ever brush truck was constructed.


From 1966-1968, the fire phone system for alerting firefighters was placed in service and the first uniforms were purchased.


1970 Mack Pumper1969 proved to be an extremely busy and productive year for the fire company. A Mack pumper was ordered at a cost of $37,445 and the Pirsch was decommissioned. The fire company also received a contract to respond to emergency calls on the PA Turnpike. The Ambulance Corp. was also formed and the first ambulance, a 1963 Cadillac, was purchased for $3,700. Due to this growth, the station was expanded to house two more units.


In 1970, the Junior Firefighters group was formed for teenagers age 14 to 17 (later changed to 16 or 17) who were interested in becoming future firefighters. A used white fuel truck with a capacity of 200 gallons of water was purchased and modified and put into service as a tanker in 1971.


1972 was the first year that the fire company approved the admission of women to the Ambulance Corp. They eventually became an integral part of the organization. A new Cadillac ambulance was also purchased at a cost of $16,795.  


A celebration was held in 1974 to burn the mortgage because the building was paid off. The fire company also purchased 50 tone alert monitors and the fire phone system was eliminated. A significant amount of time and effort would be put into determining the long-term objectives of the fire company over the next few years. A 1978 Brockway tanker was purchased for $70,000 to replace the aging white fuel truck.1978 Brockaway Tanker


In 1981, the fire company approved the purchase of a mini-pumper for $45,000. It was the first vehicle paid for by the Township. Penn State University also conducted a study on the growth of the fire company. Penn State recommended one central station accompanied by two sub-stations.

Original Rescue

1982 was an extremely special year for the fire company. The decision was made to turn over the assets of the fire company to the Township, and a 1 mil fire tax was enacted to support the operation of the fire company regarding building maintenance, equipment, and apparatus. This resulted in a unique contract that was first of its kind in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and laid the foundation of the Cranberry Township Volunteer Fire Company’s future.


In 1982, the Howe pumper was sold and the decision to build the first station that is still in service today was made. The station would be built on a piece of property along Haine School Road for the cost of $303,045. The Ambulance Corp. separated from the fire company so they could best serve the community and themselves. In 1982, the station on Dutilh Road was sold and the “New Haine Station” was completed. The fire company’s first ever rescue truck and an 85’ Snorkel truck were purchased in 1985 for a combined cost of 160,000. Both trucks were pre-owned, refurbished trucks that resulted in a savings of 300,000. The trucks would be delivered in 1986.Snorkel 21


The Township experienced a rapid population growth starting in 1987. The fire company also purchased its first computer to store company records. In 1989, the Brockway tanker was sold and replaced by a new FMC 1250- GPM Pumper at a cost of $230,000. Also in 1989, the fire company’s Relief Association purchased the first squad for the fire company which was a 1989 Chevy Suburban and in 1991 they also purchased the first Incident Command vehicle which was a 1991 GMC suburban with an odyssey command package.


The fire safety house was purchased by donations from the residents and businesses in the community and an active fire prevention program began in 1993. The Rescue truck was replaced with a new 1993 KME heavy rescue.  The 1928 Pirsch was professionally refurbished the following year. In 1995, the second fire station, known today as the “Park Station” was constructed along Route 19 at the entrance to the Cranberry Community Park and it opened in 1996 and put in service. In 1997, the fire company took delivery of a brand new 1997 KME Rescue/Pumper at a cost of $336.000.


In 1999, the fire company, along with the police department, approached the township about some property behind the Public Work’s department for use as a training area. The township agreed and turned over about three acres of property to the Public Safety Department. The first project completed on the property was a shooting range for the police department.   

In 2000, the fire company also purchased a 100’ Sutphen aerial tower at a cost of about $850,000.  That same year, the Snorkel was sold to a fire department near Rochester, New York.


In 2001, the township purchased a new Incident Command Chevy Suburban with a new odyssey package for the cost of $70,000 and the Relief Association purchased a new 2001 squad truck for the fire company for the cost of $45,000 and all three units were put in service that year.


In 2002, the fire company received an OSFC grant for $30,000 and the money was used to construct two 30’ by 30’ concrete pads in the training area.  One pad was for vehicle extraction training and the other pad was piped with propane for car fire training.


In 2003, after serving the township for more than thirty years, the old Mack pumper was finally retired. Today, the Mack pumper serves as a training apparatus at the Butler County Community College Public Safety training facility. In July 2003, a brand-new Precision/Spartan pumper was delivered and put into service and the 1989 FMC Pumper was moved into a reserve status.


In 2004, the township purchased a second Incident Command vehicle which was a 2004 Chevy Tahoe for the Assistant Chief of the fire company.


In 2005, the township budgeted for the construction of a training tower at the Public safety training grounds at a cost of $355,000.  The project was completed late in 2005. It is a four-story training tower with a smoke maze room on the right side.

In 2006, the Relief Association purchased a second squad for the fire company and a third Incident Command vehicle for a cost of around $75,000.  Both were put into service that year.  


In 2007, a truck committee was formed to build the  specifications for a new heavy rescue.  That truck was purchased new in 2008 from KME and delivered in 2009.


In 2010, after many years of using their own vehicles for doing fire police duties, the Cranberry Township Volunteer Fire Company fire police took delivery of a Chevy Suburban to use as their first fire police vehicle.


In 2011, and after nearly two years of relentless efforts by fire company members, the fire company was very fortunate to be the recipient of a piece of steel from one of the twin towers.  This piece of steel became the focal point of a  memorial to honor the attack of our country on 9/11.  That memorial was built in the front of our Park Fire station on Route 19 and was dedicated and open to the public on September 11, 2012.


In 2012, the township built the public safety training facility at the training ground area at a cost of $1.2 million.  The building has one large class room that can be divided into two smaller classrooms.  The building has two large bays for vehicles and two smaller bays to use for storage. Also in 2012, the fire police received a brand new 2012 Ford F-250 pickup truck from the Relief Association as their second fire police vehicle.   


In 2013, the township purchased a new 2013 Chevy Tahoe Incident Command vehicle with LED lighting at a cost of $65,000 to replace the old 2004 Chevy Tahoe that was being used by Assistant Chief.


In early 2014 the fire company received another grant from the OFSC in the amount of $14,000 to build an outside field classroom at the Public Safety training facility on the training grounds.

In 2015, the fire company was very busy projects. The fire company received another grant from the OFSC for outside lighting at the Public safety training facility to light up the training grounds. The township also purchased another 2015 Chevy Tahoe Incident Command vehicle for the fire Chief.  The fire company also took delivery of its second aerial ladder truck which was a 2015 Pierce 75 foot straight stick at a cost of just under $1,000.000.  The new ladder was housed at the Haine School station.  Along with all that, the fire company received a new fire safety house for its fire prevention program.  This new addition to the fire company came from the Cranberry Township Community Chest organization at a cost of about $40,000.


After a banner year in 2015, the fire company just kept moving forward and in 2016 received another OFSC grant for $13,930 dollars to upgrade all the I/T equipment in the public safety training facility.


In 2016, the Fire Company embarked on a very aggressive strategic planning effort and with the assistance of a citizen’s ad hoc committee and tremendous support from township leaders, a new strategic vision was established.  The strategic plan set a framework for the fire company leaders to focus on and the officers of the fire company went right to work detailing out the action items.  The foundation of the strategic planning work was to ensure the fire company would remain a viable volunteer organization for years to come. 



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