Last weekend we wrapped up our Spring 24 hour Emergency Response Simulations
By Cranberry Township Volunteer Fire Company
May 10, 2023

The event started at 7am on Saturday and wrapped up at noon on Sunday. The event had 3 engine companies, 2 rescue companies, and 2 truck companies participate. Outside of Cranberry we had Adams Area Fire District, Butler Township Fire District, and the Etna Volunteer Fire Company participating.

The instructional staff absolutely hit a home run creating unique training opportunities that the students had to react and deal with every time. This means they had to deal with technical rescues, car fires, house fires, car crash's, brush fires, and everything in-between. The situations were not even close to the same, the instructional staff used props and items to change things after every scenario to create alley ways, long set backs, or narrow working conditions. After each scenario it was critiqued and we all learned from the successes and failures of the incident. One of the concepts of the event is to make you exhausted, when you are exhausted your muscle memory kicks in- what do you do when yours kicks in?

We would like to thank the firefighters for taking their weekend to learn, the instructional staff for passing on their knowledge, the township for the support and assistance, the support our monetary sponsors (MSA, Fireforce, Glick, and FireStore) and the CTVFC Brigade Officers & Board of Directors. And last but not least the group that puts the entire event together, Master Firefighter Sean Sokolowski and his team Chief Hanks, Captain Snedeker, and Master Firefighter Mack.

The event has made better firefighters for us and the surrounding area, one scenario at a time!

Looking forward to the Fall event. The planning started on Monday morning ;)