Mutual Aid to Marshall Township
By Cranberry Township Volunteer Fire Company
February 11, 2023

Overnight on 2/11, Tower 21 responded (with 6) on the first alarm into Marshall Township (Allegheny County) for reports of the back of a residence on fire 185 Captain arrived to a fully involved structure with exposure issues. Tower 21 arrived and went to work as the first due truck company, shortly after 228 Engine, who was the first arriving engine. The Tower split its crew to conduct searches of the exposure buildings while also setting up the aerial for defensive operations due to partial collapse of the main fire building. Once searches were complete, the Tower crew assisted with fire suppression and opening up before conducting a thorough overhaul of the building. The Tower operated for roughly 4 hours before returning to the Township. This is the 5th working fire the CTVFC has responded to.

Thank you to New Brighton Volunteer Fire Dept. for transferring to cover 21 and 42s districts while both operated the fire.