2022 Spring Training Blitz
April 14, 2022

On April 9, 2022, beginning at 7am, the CTVFC held it second 24-hour Training Blitz at our Park Station and Public Safety Training Facility. Here are a few stats from the training to bring in to perspective what the participants experienced:
-27 ½ hours spent training, bonding, learning, critiquing, and cleaning (not much sleeping)
-34 training participants
-10 instructional staff, including 5 Chief level officers and 2 PA State Certified Fire Suppression Instructors
-4 additional support personnel on the training grounds
-27 CTVFC members (participants and instructors)
-3 Engine Companies
-2 Tower/Ladders
-1 Rescue Company
-30 training scenarios
-12 live fire scenarios (building, vehicle or dumpster)
-3 calls answered for CTVFC, supported by some of the training participants
-4 seasons experienced in one day- to include the snow for the final scenario
-10 hours of prep work on Friday to set the training grounds
-Countless hours planning scenarios and gathering supplies, furniture, pallets and props

We are confident that we have met our objective of the firefighters and instructors walking away with valuable tools for their toolbox at the next incident they respond to.
We were barely finished with this one and we have already started discussing a plan for the fall! Interested in participating with the organization so you can participate in the next one or belong to an organization that is focused on YOU and YOUR ability to be a fireman? Consider joining as an associate and be a part of our 24 hour stipend staffing program. Reach out to us at membership@ctvfc21.org