Firefighters Utilize New Training Trailer
April 7, 2021

Members of the CTVFC trained for the first time in our newly renovated training trailer, TT21. The trailer is designed with a reconfigurable maze on the inside to simulate navigating through tight spaces and around/over obstacles during search and rescue operations. The trailer is equipped with a smoke machine, lights and sounds to replicate realistic situations firefighters may find themselves in. The trailer was originally obtained by the former Zelienople Fire Department in 2003 with a FEMA grant and used in partnership with BC3 for many years for Firefighter 1 training and testing. After the merger with Harmony, the trailer was donated to Big Knob Fire and Rescue, who used it briefly, then offered it to Cranberry in 2020. Thanks to generous donations from our community partners in MSA, Glick Fire Equipment, Sign Innovations and Rocconic, CTVFC was able to refurbish it and return it to like-new condition to add to our fire community's fire training arsenal. Interested in using it? Reach out to us at