Storm Creates Busy Day for Cranberry Volunteers
September 21, 2018

Starting at 19:44 hours, CTVFC was alerted to 7 total calls in a span of two hours including five calls related to trees in the road from the storm, a motor vehicle accident, and a natural gas leak.

At 20:52, Cranberry units were alerted to a vehicle accident on Glen Eden Road. C21 and Rescue 21 cleared a service call on Mars Road and Engine 21-2 cleared a service call on Huntington Drive to respond to the accident. C21 along with Cranberry EMS arrived on scene to find one vehicle on its roof. Rescue 21 arrived on scene to assist with vehicle stabilization and patient extraction. All Cranberry units with the exception of fire police cleared at 21:51.

Total incident count for 9/21 was 10 including the 7 storm related calls, two additional motor vehicle accidents, and an automatic alarm.

Units: C21, Squad 21-2, Rescue 21, Engine 21-2, FP-21, FP-21-2, Cranberry EMS, Cranberry PD