Multiple Vehicle Accident with Injuries | Route 228 at Route 19
September 15, 2018

At 14:24 hours, CTVFC along with Cranberry PD and Cranberry EMS was alerted to a multiple vehicle accident with injuries at the intersection of Route 228 and Route 19. A vehicle traveling west bound on 228 reportedly had a mechanical malfunction, causing the truck to collide with another vehicle on 228 before leaving the road and hitting several unoccupied vehicles in the Park and Ride. IC21 arrived on scene and established Route 228 command, reporting 5 total vehicles involved with all occupants out of their vehicles. Crews from Rescue 21, Engine 21-2, and Squad 21 secured the vehicles involved as the fire police shutdown Dutilh Road between Route 228 and Short St as well as the Route 228 turn lanes to Route 19 northbound. Patients were evaluated by Cranberry EMS. All CTVFC units cleared at 15:29 and command was terminated.

Units: IC21, IC21-2, R21, E21-2, Squad 21, FP21, FP21-2, Cranberry PD, Cranberry EMS